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Welcome to Shores of Hazeron Wiki.

Shores of Hazeron wiki is a collaborative effort to provide everything you could ever need to know about Shores of Hazeron, the revolutionary space empire MMO by Software Engineering, Inc. You will find help about various themes around Shores of Hazeron, furthermore you can publish stories and information about your race, your empire and your alliance. We hope you enjoy your visit on this Wiki, which currently holds 492 articles.

Do you know ...

  • ...that Star Gates are fully operational? Preons now have have a use.
  • ...that the Capitol now has a city UI that you can access the jobs of all buildings in a city from?
  • ...that city reports no longer come by mail? See the City Report Guide for help.
  • ...that System Surveying has changed? They can be found on the star map.
  • ...that Hazeron is on Facebook? Hazeron
  • ...that Warp Drives are fully functional, Geordi confirmed!?

Wiki News

01.26.2014 - Added the Colony Calculator to this site since the main one has went down.

Wiki Contribution

Every registered user is allowed to contribute to the Shores of Hazeron Wiki. All you need is some time, knowledge and something you want to share with others. Furthermore there are many Article stubs waiting for content or a fix. Other helpful links include:

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